Back the Blue Belt

The Blue Belt is set to be the world’s biggest network of ocean sanctuaries, protecting thousands of marine species from overfishing.

#BackTheBlueBelt ran alongside Blue Planet 2 and encouraged people to tell their MP to pledge their support.

We used funny sounding fish, hard-hitting facts and a down-to-earth tone of voice to turn dry science into a simple call to action. Alongside the social media and PR activity, celebrity advocates like Stephen Fry and Cara Delevingne got the message to a wider audience.

During the campaign I worked with researchers and the campaign manager to write Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts, edited the website and live-tweeted from the client account during Blue Planet 2.

Social posts


Funny fish

We found some funny names when we looked into the endangered fish, so we turned them into the heroes of the campaign.


The campaign manager and I commissioned and briefed a photographer to capture seafaring folk supporting the cause. The images were then used in PR activity and pushed on the social accounts.

The response

So far over 280 MPs across 8 parties have pledged their support and Ascension Island is about to turn 100% of its waters into a marine protected area.

Here’s a snapshot of the impact.


Client: Blue Marine Foundation
Agency: Department of Wild Talents
Creative Director: James Hodge
Social media manager: Jo Coumbe
Film/Photography: Molly Johnson
Copywriter: Alfie Hayward